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E-Invoicing Module

Data mismatch due to entry errors and subsequent escalations can be major challenges when it comes to e-invoicing. These issues can cause unwanted duplication of time and effort, as businesses may need to spend additional time and resources fixing errors and dealing with escalations.

Go4GST’s E-Invoicing module provides a solution to these challenges. With our E-Invoicing module, businesses can automate and streamline the invoicing process, reducing the risk of errors and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Our E-Invoicing module fully complies with the latest GST regulations, ensuring that your invoices are accurate and meet all legal requirements. Using our intuitive software, you can quickly and easily create GST invoices and share them with your customers and partners.

Try our solution today and see how it can save you time, improve your invoicing accuracy, and boost your team’s productivity.

Easy Reconciliation

Ease of data reconciliation through seamless e-Invoice generation

Backward Integration

Automation of tax return filing processes through backward integration.

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of supplier invoices.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    E-Invoicing is a new invoicing system introduced in the GST regime. This system does not generate invoices from a central portal of the tax department, but it only specifies the invoice schema and standard so that the e-invoices generated can be read and operated by all accounting/billing software and businesses uniformly. Businesses will have to create B2B invoices on their internal systems – whether ERP or any other accounting/billing system and get the invoice authenticated electronically by the Government.
    E-Invoicing is mandatorily applicable from 1st October, 2020 for all GST registered businesses whose annual turnover in the financial year exceeds INR 500 crores.
    Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) is a portal managed by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) to authenticate invoices. After verifying the details in the invoice submitted by the taxpayer, the IRP generates a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), Quick Response (QR) code and digitally signs the invoice. The IRP will electronically send the signed e-invoice back to the taxpayer.
    The hash computed by the IRP is the IRN (Invoice Reference Number). In other words, IRN is a 64 character unique number generated by the IRP for each invoice uploaded by the taxpayer. This IRN is a combination of the Supplier GSTIN + Financial Year + Document Type + Document Number. It will be a unique identifier for each invoice.
    Supplier invoice
    Credit note
    Debit note
    Reverse charge invoice
    Any other documents as required by law

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